Riffing off each other’s voice is as natural as breathing for Bad Strangers. The harmonies are clear and precisely indifferent to one another, like two lovers shouting across a canyon.
— Chillfiltr
Their voices play off one another in a very unique and controlled way, showcasing a level of mastery in their craft.
— Canadian Beats
This acoustic folk duo has emerged as a ‘Must Watch’ act in the city’s local scene
— Ian Cromwell, Locals Lounge
Bad Strangers don’t dance around feelings, instead they confront emotions, vulnerabilities, life truths and relationship complexities head (or rather heart) on.
— Claire Baker, Root Dwellers Showcase

If Jack Johnson and Stevie Nicks formed a band
it would probably sound like Bad Strangers

They are known for their epic harmonies, catchy melodies and powerful songwriting delivered passionately by two lead vocalists who seem to effortlessly follow each other’s instincts. Their chemistry is undeniably magnetic. From vulnerable tearjerkers, to angsty rock tunes, their authenticity is palpable. Their highly personal songs and performance let you into their lives, where they tackle personal struggles and navigate being couple who also collaborate creatively. Their overall sincerity and willingness to let it all out on stage will leave a lasting impression; a warm feeling to take home with you.

Less then a year ago Cassidy Waring and Cory Owens we’re strangers, but since deciding to form a band in the fall of 2017 they’ve gone all in. They quit their jobs, bought a tour van, started busking, moved into a studio apartment and sold possessions to pursue music full time. They have become their own managers, played over 25 local shows, built an online presence, and self-booked a 45 show tour, all in 6 months while writing and recording an album that showcases what they’ve felt and worked through during this process.

Cory Owens
Guitar / Banjo/ Lead Vocals

Cassidy Waring
Autoharp/ Percussion/ Lead Vocals